Art as a social integration tool for children in conflict with the law


Hashtag Gulu


Gulu, Uganda

Main topic

Psychosocial support, Art

Total amount of the project

28'000 CHF


1 year

Number of beneficiaries

420 people

In Uganda, thousands of children and young people live and work on the streets, affected by poverty, hunger and violence. They are rejected, feared and stigmatized by the local community, harassed and arrested by law enforcement, with the risk of becoming criminals for lack of other viable options. In fact, most street children and young people are already accused of a variety of social ills, and many end up in juvenile detention at least once during their childhood.

The project set up by Hashtag Gulu aims to improve the social integration of children and young people living on the streets and/or in conflict with the law in northern Uganda. This is achieved through artistic activities to help them develop a positive attitude towards responsible living during and after incarceration, while identifying and developing their talents. In addition, forum theater is used as a platform for exchange with their community to foster their social integration.

The project focuses on street kids and minors in detention, their parents and community members. So, as young people prepare to live harmoniously in communities, their parents/guardians and the wider community also prepare to accept them. This is achieved by strengthening the ability of these young people to stand up for their own rights. To this end, the following project activities are implemented during the course of the project:

  • Formation of forum theater groups with 60 street children/youth.
  • Creation of Forum Theatre scenes in the communities.
  • Presentation of forum theater in the communities.
  • Artistic training in music, dance and painting for 80 children in detention.
  • Organization of artistic awareness-raising events for parents and authorities.
  • Parent-youth exchange meetings to strengthen relationships.
  • Reinforcing a positive parenting approach by parents and a tolerant attitude by the wider community, through workshops for parents.

With the support of :

  • Fondation La Marie Maurice

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