Our projects

Offering young people prospects for the future

Omoana’s mission is to support young people in Uganda and Iraq in developing their prospects for the future. The organisation provides strategic, technical and financial support to local organisations and initiatives in the fields of education, mental health and psychosocial support. Our aim is to stimulate the resources of young people as players in the development and social cohesion of their country.

The organisation aims to carry out specialised activities to best meet the challenges of the most vulnerable groups. These include children affiliated to armed forces and groups, children in conflict with the law, orphans, children affected by HIV/AIDS and/or with disabilities.


Omoana aims to contribute to a system that eliminates disparities in access to education and training for vulnerable groups. In addition, Omoana aims to ensure that children acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to promote a culture of peace and non-violence, sustainable development, human rights, gender equality, the promotion of global citizenship and an appreciation of cultural diversity.

Mental health and psychosocial support

Omoana supports initiatives at individual and community level to alleviate human suffering caused by psychological trauma and distress. This is done in particular through specialised approaches in collaboration with mental health experts, as well as through artistic and sporting activities aimed at the psychosocial well-being of children and young people.