Empowering young people living with HIV through economic emancipation and the development of their psychosocial skills


Jinja, Uganda

Main topic

Psychosocial support, Education

Total amount of the project

305 173 CHF


3 years

Number of beneficiaries

170 children/youths

By the end of 2020, there were almost 1.5 million people living with HIV in Uganda, more than half of them under the age of 15. Lack of information about HIV/AIDS, poverty, despair and lack of willpower lead some people responsible for orphans or vulnerable children to stop providing them with the care they need at critical times. Some HIV-positive children have late access to treatment, due to discrimination, ignorance, religious influence or tradition. When they reach adolescence, they also face challenges exacerbated by their HIV status and family situation, in terms of their psychosocial situation and their place in society.

The project set up by St. Francis Health Care Services helps to provide children/young people living with HIV with an environment conducive to their psychosocial well-being and empowerment, enabling them to lead independent lives.

20 ans Omoana; Spectacle résilience; troupe ougandaise; chant, danse

A holistic approach is adopted, with complementary areas of work. Young people are guided towards economic emancipation and empowerment through the development of psychosocial skills. Emphasis is placed on the use of innovative tools and approaches such as theatre-forum and peer educators. To ensure the sustainability of its actions, support is provided through Village Health Teams (VHT), acting as focal points in the communities, capacity-building for the partner and support for the young people’s tutors. Finally, Omoana and its partner work in network and collaboration with other NGOs to reduce stigma towards people living with HIV. The following activities are carried out:

  • Support for schooling and vocational training: school fees, vocational guidance sessions, start-up kits, exhibition days, etc.
  • Peer and community support groups, savings groups, training in income-generating activities
  • Home visits, training for VHTs and tutors, links to employment and financial opportunities
  • Life skills sessions, forum theater, training, progressive case closure
  • Awareness-raising in schools, community dialogues, advocacy and participation in annual events, collaboration with other organizations, referrals to other services, capacity-building

With the support of :

  • Fondation Lumilo
  • Fondation Madeleine
  • Fondation Ulmus
  • Fédération Genevoise de Coopération

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