20 years of Omoana under the sign of resilience and exchange


Geneva & Bulle, Switzerland

Main topic

Art, Psychosocial support

Total amount of the project

25'756 CHF


1,5 years

Number of beneficiaries

320 people

Since 2003, Omoana has been working through its partners to contribute to the development of confident young people who are agents of change, in charge of their own well-being and future. 2023 marks a turning point, as it is the organization’s 20th anniversary. Having worked on a number of particularly sensitive issues over the years, Omoana wishes to highlight the resilience of young people in the face of the various challenges they have overcome. To this end, the organization would like to give young Ugandans born with HIV the opportunity to express their own experiences. A show initially planned for a Swiss audience had to be cancelled due to visa refusal by the authorities. A new video version of the event is currently being developed.

The use of art and culture as a vehicle for information has already been tried and tested by Omoana in its various projects. Young Ugandans are used to putting on dance, music and theater shows as part of their community outreach activities. The planned show, for which a video version is in preparation, will combine humor and emotion, through scenes, songs and dances they have been preparing for 6 months. In addition to Ugandan music, adaptations of Le Vieux chalet (Abbé Bovet) and Les Trois cloches (Jean Villard) will be performed.

20 ans Omoana; Spectacle résilience; troupe ougandaise; chant, danse
Activités artistiques Omoana House 2023; danse traditionnelle

An exchange with 12 young people in collaboration with the Travailleurs Sociaux Hors Mur Vernier (TSHM Vernier), as well as presentations in Geneva high schools, will take place.

In addition, as part of Omoana’s 20th anniversary celebrations, 6 video vignettes on the themes of our projects will be created and broadcast on social networks.

This project is financed by the Fédération Genevoise de Coopération, Fribourg Solidaire, the City of Bulle and the Mélo’Dieu choir, to whom we extend our warmest thanks.

With the support of :

  • Fédération Genevoise de Coopération
  • Fribourg Solidaire
  • Ville de Bulle
  • Centre culturel Ebullition
  • Chœur Mélo’Dieu

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