After celebrating its 20th anniversary, 2024 marks the start of a new decade for Omoana. As at the beginning of each year, it’s time to take stock of the past year, but also to look forward to the year to come.

On a personal note, I joined the organisation nearly 2 years ago and what made me want to apply has only been confirmed: Omoana is based on strong values and puts people at the centre of its projects. This last year has enabled us to consolidate our team. With the Director and the Accounting and Administration Manager, we now form a functional and efficient trio, supported by a Committee that has confidence in us. We’re learning from each other, and the spirit of goodwill is alive and well. I can say without shame that I am happy and proud to be in my position as coordinator, in a job that is meaningful and makes sense.

In terms of projects, I’ve already been lucky enough to go to Uganda 3 times, to meet our various partners and beneficiaries. As a result, strong relationships have been forged, guaranteeing fluid communication, real identification of needs and constant co-creation of solutions. Each time we travel, it’s so rewarding to discover the teams’ new ideas, the energy they put into their activities and their unwavering determination to have a positive impact!

As Omoana matures, it stabilises but also grows. Refocusing on specific areas of activity, expanding into Iraq, supporting new projects for children affected by violence – these were the aims for 2022. In 2023, this has been achieved, thanks in particular to the renewed confidence of our backers and donors. The work is intensifying and, as with every new project, this comes with risks that we have identified and measured.

In 2024, we’ll be focusing on increased fundraising and closer relations with our donors. There’s no shortage of ideas, and we’re already planning a number of events, the details of which we’ll reveal in due course.

So what can we wish for Omoana in this new year, and even decade? Probably a successful expansion, continued bonds of trust between all those involved and activities that continue to serve our mission. For our part, in any case, it’s with enthusiasm and motivation intact that we embark on 2024. I wish us, and all of you, the best of years!

Chloé Collier
Program coordinator