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When people are born with HIV, society sometimes makes them believe that they will not be able to lead a normal life. However, if they are given the necessary means and care, they can live long and healthy lives, just like any other individual.

We are delighted to share the Ugandan version of Jean Villard’s song “Les Trois Cloches”, adapted by young people supported by Omoana, in which they talk about resilience.

Many thanks to Mukungu Enock Jonathan, Mutesi Sharon, Kasoga Winnifred, Nabiryo Esther, Hussein Fazil, Nyanzi Huzairu, Bazibu Micheal and Reagan Giriwa for this wonderful creation.

This video is part of a series adapted from our show Resilience, which had to be cancelled.

With the support of the Fédération Genevoise de Coopération.