St. Moses Children's Care Centre

St Moses Childen’s Care Center and Community Development

The organization’s goal is to welcome vulnerablechildren to give them appropriate care, reintegrate them into their communities, and give them perspectives for a self-sustaining future.

This structure gives orphans and vulnerable children the chance to go to school and learn how to fend for themselves when they grow up. In small groups of 12 to 15, the children live in houses run by a “mama” who assumes the role of mother. The existing infrastructure is in a good state of repair, ideal for the welcoming of the children.

It is, nonetheless, important that the youngsters are not cut off from local life. They undertake daily chores, following Ugandan tradition. The aim of the St Moses Children's Care Centre is not to take over the role of the family. During the school holidays the children return to their villages where they stay with relatives. Their home at St Moses Children's Care Centre is temporary. The children return to their communities as soon as possible, at the latest having completed their primary schooling. All school fees are then paid until they can support themselves.

The centre also works in communities through the microcredit project which aims at giving guardians the means to provide the basic needs of the children in their households.

Omoana is an active supporter of St.Moses Children’s Centre.