Omoana House

The goal of Omoana House is to rehabilitate HIV Positive and/or malnourished children, reintegrate them into their communities and give them perspectives for a self-sustaining future.

There are currently, 2.9 million orphans and 190’000 HIV positive children in Uganda. These are very often left with their grandparents or sick parents who are very weak and may at some point not be able to provide the care and attention the children need.

Omoana House is run in partnership with St.Francis Health Care Services, a Ugandan organization which specializes in HIV/AIDS.

In Omoana House, children are given special care during a period of 3 months to one year. A medical team composed of a doctor, nurses and a nutritionist give them the specialized care they need. They are also given psyco-social support by the social worker and the counsellors of St.Francis Health Care Services. If children are well enough, they attend a nearby school.

As soon as their condition has been stabilized they return into their communities. Even once home, their medical and social situations are still followed carefully. The community is sensitized in issues related to HIV/AIDS to ensure the children are welcomed as any other individual. Their school fees are paid by OMOANA in the long term.