Partnerships with companies and foundations

Among our partners, companies and foundations play a key role. The financial and technical support they provide is vital to Omoana.

They can support us in the following ways:

  • By making a donation to Omoana. This can be earmarked for a specific project. Detailed records are available on request. We can also provide regular reports on any actions funded.
  • Through the use of Omoana products. It is possible to use Omoana products, such as cards or calendars, as gifts for your customers. In the event of such a partnership, special products may be designed.
  • Make a donation to Omoana instead of giving gifts to your company’s customers.
  • Organise a company event to benefit Omoana.
  • Enable Omoana to benefit from your company’s or foundation’s network for technical, material or financial support.

For more information on transparency measures within Omoana, please consult the “Transparency” page.

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