Omoana is managed in such a way as to ensure that resources are used optimally and reliably, so that they best meet the fundamental rights of children and young people. A number of measures have been put in place to ensure transparency with our various partners:

  • The association’s accounts are audited annually by an independent trustee and comply with Swiss GAAP FER 21 criteria.
  • The NGO partners in Uganda and Iraq receiving funds have all signed partnership contracts governing strict financial procedures (including the involvement of different signatures), the obligations of the various parties with regard to the allocation of resources and the conduct of activities, as well as regular reporting.
  • Donors are invited to attend general assemblies and have a say in the association’s accounts and budgets.
  • The accounts of partner NGOs are audited annually.
  • Private and institutional donors receive news at least twice a year, through journals and/or reports.
  • Projects are regularly evaluated to ensure relevance and effectiveness. Indicators are established for each project to measure the expected impact and redirect our actions if necessary.