Usually, we prefer to look to the future to help make it a place of hope for every Ugandan child. Today, however, on the eve of our 10th anniversary, it seems essential to retrace our steps and try to understand the evolution of the Omoana adventure.

In the beginning, it would be wrong not to mention the perseverance of the founders, who, thanks to their mobilisation efforts and deep convictions, were able to sow the seeds necessary for the various “Omoana” projects to blossom. The generosity and confidence of many volunteers and donors have since helped to make this fertile ground fertile, so that the efforts of the beginnings can bear fruit and the activities on the ground can continue.

Today, Omoana may no longer have the spontaneous and somewhat innocent colours of its beginnings, but it nevertheless retains a young and dynamic spirit. Over time, this has been complemented by experience in the field, professionalism and knowledge of the context, made possible by fruitful exchanges with Ugandan partners. We believe it is essential that the projects set up respond to local needs and demands, taking into account the individuality and history of the beneficiaries. The projects must also respond to the current challenges of development aid and aim to empower the beneficiaries and make them independent.

It is precisely in the name of the experience accumulated over 10 years that we wish to organise the various events to come. They are intended to be festive, but also informative, because we will never cease to encourage young and old alike to commit themselves to the path of solidarity, in order to ensure a prosperous, sustainable and just future for every inhabitant of this Earth…

Mathilde Jordan