If people’s ability to take care of themselves and others is strengthened, their resilience, both individually and collectively, will be optimised. This is how Omoana approaches helping the most vulnerable children. By involving family and community members in the development of solutions, children will be helped in a sustainable way. This is particularly true when their protection is threatened. If we take the example of children in conflict with the law, one of the association’s beneficiary groups, they have often been victims of the most abject forms of exploitation, such as forced prostitution or enslavement to armed groups. This has disastrous consequences for their well-being and future prospects. All resources must be mobilised in response. In this context, Omoana provides technical added value to its partners dealing with complex situations. In 2023, the ‘Youth Together’ manual, which offers psychosocial and violence prevention sessions to vulnerable young people, was produced.

This year, Omoana also developed the ‘Family Together’ approach. This aims to support parents of children in conflict with the law, giving them the tools to respond to the situations created by trauma, deprivation of liberty and the resulting consequences for their rights. In addition, to ensure that the emphasis is always on interactivity and on solutions coming from the people concerned, forum theatre is a widespread tool in all Omoana projects in Uganda and Iraq. It is the subject of an article in this new issue of Omoana News. It is this technical added value, this constant energy devoted to finding concrete solutions to difficult problems, this emphasis on mutual learning between those involved in the field, that makes Omoana a particularly important organisation in the contexts in which we work. We would like to thank you for believing in us and for your moral and financial support, which enables us to move forward.

Adrien Genoud,