Omoana is founded by Swiss youth. By organizing various fundraising events, the organization supports St.Moses Children’s Care Centre in Jinja (a provisional home for orphans), mainly through the sponsorship of children whose number will grow year after year.

Creation of the Geneva section

  • Creation of a rehabilitation centre for HIV-positive and malnourished children in Jinja
  • Set up of a microcredit project for vulnerable families in Jinja
  • Set up of a scholarship program in Northern Uganda
  • Adhesion of Omoana to Fribourg Solidaire, a federation of development aid organizations of the canton of Fribourg (Switzerland). 

Omoana is recognized as non-profit and donations are deductible from taxes in Switzerland.

Set up of a microcredit program in Northern Uganda

Construction of an organic agriculture training Centre in Koch Amar (Northern Uganda)
Omoana celebrates 10 years of existence through various events, among which concerts, a conference, photo exhibitions, a fundraising dinner and sensitization sessions in Swiss schools.
Establishment of a partnership with vivo Uganda in order to provide therapy to people affected by Post traumatic stress disorder
Creation of a network of peace builders in the Great Lakes region in collaboration with Eirene Suisse