We do not accept that a Swiss citizen is favoured over a Ugandan. Young Ugandans show real strength and the desire to go further, but the local context and life circumstances prevent them from having real prospects for the future. We are aware that we are incredibly lucky to live and not to survive, and we have a deep desire to see this well-being become a right beyond countries and borders.
We are part of Ugandan society's efforts to ensure that its youth can hold their heads high and look to the future. It is a long-term commitment that we have made to adolescents and children so that they can become independent adults, assert their rights and contribute to the development of their country. 
We do not take it for granted that young people suffer. In the face of an all too pressing reality, we show that there are ways to act. The conviction that a better world is possible drives us to refuse the unacceptable and to persevere on the path of solidarity.