We don't believe that child suffering is an unfortunate act of fate. Confronted with a harsh reality, we have been able to prove that it is possible to act, and our firm belief that we can create a better world has motivated us to reject such fatalism and to multiply our efforts.

We cannot accept that a Swiss can be seen to be more valuable than an inhabitant of the third world. Young Ugandans, often orphans, demonstrate an incredible desire to make something of their lives. The hardships they endure every day make it hard for them to profit from the joy of childhood let alone share that joy with the rest of the world. We are fortunate to not have to worry about survival and have a profound desire for this fortune to be enjoyed well beyond our borders.

By participating actively in Ugandan society we can help the young hold their heads high and look to the future. Our commitment to young and teenage Ugandans is long term to enable them to become independent adults and take an active role in the development of their country. This task will definitely keep us very busy for years to come.