The association

Omoana is an organization founded in 2003. Its goal is to support vulnerable youth in Uganda through integrated programs adressing economic, health and educational issues. Omoana works in partnership with ugandan organizations. The organization is part of various networks (among which Fribourg Solidaire and Fédération Genevoise de Coopération). The credibility of the organization is recognized as it receives the support of 500 donors, more than 10 foundations, as well as public funds.



Promote fundamental rights of vulnerable children in Uganda, and give them perspectives for a self-sustaining future

  • To offer Ugandan children and teenagers the chance to have quality education so that, one day, they can take their lives into their own hands,
  • Rehabilitate HIV-positive and malnourished children, and promote their reintegration into their communities,
  • Promote income generating activities to allow families to manage their own finances
  • Contribute to the development of Uganda
  • Support agriculture in Uganda
  • Raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in Uganda
  • Make the young and older Swiss aware of the problems faced by the inhabitants of Uganda.
  • Promote Fair Trade Products among Swiss population