The association

Omoana aspires to a confident and empowered Ugandan youth, who own their well-being and their future.
Omoana is a Swiss non-profit organization founded in 2003. Its mission is to support Ugandan youth in developing their future. Recognizing that youth are part of a family and community context, Omoana engages in a holistic manner. The organization provides strategic, technical and financial support to small organizations and local initiatives in the areas of health, education and skill building. We want to stimulate the resources of young people as actors in the social cohesion and development of their country.
Solidarity : 
The organisation is founded on a spirit of solidarity, we create synergies between the partners we supports and initiate collective motivation towards a common goal. Omoana, its partners and beneficiaries are hand in hand and create together opportunities for the future of Ugandan youth.
Equal opportunities: 
Everyone is unique and deserves to pursue its dream. Omoana believes that young Ugandans, regardless of religion, gender, political opinion, as well as any other similar criteria; should have the same chances and opportunities for social development. 
This is the involvement and responsibility that Omoana takes with its partners and beneficiaries. We are committed to accompanying the youth of Uganda to become actors in the development and social cohesion of their country. 
Omoana bases its relationships and partnerships in Switzerland and Uganda on trust. This notion rhymes with the principles of honesty and respect. Our programs and relationships with our donors are built on complete transparency.