The organization

Omoana means "child" in Luganda, a language spoken in southern Uganda.
Omoana is an organisation founded in 2003. The association is active in Uganda in the fields of health, psychosocial support, education and the prevention of gender-based violence. We are committed to ensuring that our projects remain innovative and respond to the current challenges facing young people by taking a holistic approach.

We support vulnerable families in the Jinja and Gulu regions by working in collaboration and mutual trust with local partners. Listening and understanding are essential in our approach, so that the support makes sense in a context where local cultures and realities have their place.
By promoting the autonomy of families, Omoana participates in the efforts of Ugandan society by offering future prospects to its youth, whose long-term task will be to contribute to the development of their country by asserting their rights. Our actions on the ground are guided by a global vision with a long-term vision. We share the feeling that the planet is a global village, in which solidarity must also be globalised.